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Resin bound driveways set relatively quickly in most cases within 60 minutes

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D&N Safety Surfacing can guarantee a first class service as we never sub-contract workers.

Resin Bound Driveways in Essex and London

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Requires little maintenance, restricting weed growth and avoiding pebble spread.


A long lasting durable surface. Oil and petrol resistant meaning if there is a spill it won’t stain


Available in a wide variety of styles and colours from traditional to something very creative.


Environmentally friendly, biomass-based resin component

D&N Safety Surfacing install Resin Bound Driveways throughout Essex, London and the South East.

An increasingly popular surface for driveways D&N Safety Surfacing have plenty of experience building your driveway before using this surface to finish off. Also referred to as ‘hand trowelled’ this is a system that sees the aggregate blended within the resin prior to it being applied. It is then trowelled to a smooth and level finish.

Logos, pictures, numbers etc can be incorporated into the finished area by using contrasting stone colours to create the desired design finish.

The aggregate and the resin are agitated together in mixer, and then spread over the prepared base using hand floats, trowels and screeding bars. This  generally ensures an adequate thickness when applied to the entire area and is a fairly common method of application.

samplesThis kind of system means that the resin bound driveways set relatively quickly, in most cases within the hour. The resin and aggregate need to be applied correctly with the smoothing out and levelling carried out prior to the resin setting and then becoming too stiff to be able to manipulate adequately.

Manufacturer’s guides to moisture and temperature must be rigorously followed to or the product can be damaged and discoloured during the laying and setting process.

Other colours are available on request



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