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The water drains through like a sieve and flows naturally into the water table.

It’s an Eco friendly option


Resin bound gravel surfaces allow water to drain through

helping reduce the risk of flooding

What are Permeable Systems?

Resin bound gravel surfaces allow water to drain through them. Because the gravel (or aggregate) is bound in resin it remains porous. That means the surface is what is termed as SUDS compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems).

The water drains through the surface like it would through a natural grass surface and then flows into the water table. This is an environmentally friendly option for surfacing and SUDS compliance reduces the risk of flooding, even more so when used on large scale projects.

The Environment Agency have, for a while, encouraged resin bound surfaces to help tackle the growing threat of flooding in many urban areas. This is why it’s such a great surface for parks, play areas, large drives, paths and playgrounds.

Various Resin Bound systems are designed and manufactured to allow them to be permeable. This allows the system to be used in applications such as tree pits and permits the system to be used in accordance with the SUDS building regulations. For more information about SUDS go to the Environment Agency website and search on SUDS within their website.

If all new development sites incorporated SUDS then urban sewer flooding would be considerably reduced. The surface is designed to minimise the potential impact of new and existing developments with the slower discharge and drainage of surface water in flash floods. This is why the term sustainable drainage system is also now used when describing Resin bound gravel surfaces.